Local cafe with Asian twist

Tiger Belly Cafe is a new cafe located in Helsinki Ilmala. We offer high quality coffee, fresh lunch and nutritious snacks. Welcome to enjoy!


Founded in Helsinki in 2023

Philippine-born cafe owner created a happy, cosy coffee shop where you can invite your co-workers, friends and family to enjoy delicious food and good coffee. Tiger Belly Cafe provides a traditional café experience with Asian twist.


Uutiskatu 2

The cafe is located in the RTI House in Ilmala. The old Yleisradio's empty building has found a new life through new business’s and vibrant new cafe.


Tasty & Sustainable

Tiger Belly Cafe is build from secondhand chairs, tables, sofa, bowls, coffee cups, and other equipments. We use mostly cooked meat and fresh and seasonal ingredients. This saves electricity and water because there is no need for cleaning and cutting raw food. Tiger Belly Cafe’s main focus is on making the food delicious and nutritious.


Contact us for fast quote!

You can flexibly and quickly order breakfast catering, lunch catering and event catering through us. We mainly offer our own menu as catering products. Send us information about your catering needs and we will find the best solution for you!

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